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SmokeBoard Pro - 2.2

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SmokeBoard Pro - Colored smoke effects

Max quality colored touch effects on your springboard whenever you swipe your icons! Colors change randomly even while you move the smoke!

Watch this video or this one

Impress your friends or just never get bored swiping your springboard icons!

Stunning OpenGL 3D rendered smoke effects that will revolutionize your homescreens and lock screens! Lightweight and perfectly crafted to render at the max quality your device can support, delivering maximum graphic performance!

Battery friendly - unlike other similar tweaks, the widget does not work in the background continuously to drain your battery! Rendering stops when the smoke stops animating or when the homescreen/lockscreen is not visible anymore!

UsesXen HTML and it's compatible for both home screen and lock screen! Be sure to select it from the “iwidgets“ submenu and also allow/prioritize touch on widget in Xen HTML lock screen and home screen settings.

You can change or add different effects from the iWidget’s options!

Follow me on Twitter@AndreiT69 for suggestions.

Credits go to@PavelDoGreat for the truly amazing works and inspiration

Check out my other work: Kaomi, AndroLS, AndroHS, SmokeBoard, CueBall , uMbra , InfoBar , Cuadro , Stickerlicious12




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